Do you feel totally lost?

Being a streamer is hard. Why does it seem like everyone is growing and you aren't?

You might think it's because you aren't good at streaming or maybe you "just aren't funny enough".

But you're wrong.

The truth is most people view streaming really simplistically: It's just playing video games with a camera turned on, right?

Streaming requires strategy.

Yup, it's true.

Gone are the days where you could just turn on a camera and play a game. Streaming platforms are saturated and gaming content is really popular. It takes more to stand out and grow.

Our free workbook will help you put deeper thought into your stream to help you stand out, grow a community, and make money like never before.

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What's inside?

The Build Your Dream Stream Workbook contains the 6 exercises that helped our founder Ashnichrist go from 20 average viewers to 250+. This is the foundation that started it all.

My Dream Life

This exercise will help you visualize your dream life so you know the ultimate goal for your efforts.

Present vs. Future Me

The Present vs. Future Me exercise is a yearly exercise to help you see how you have grown and build self-efficacy.

Who Would I Be

This exercise helps you viisualize what the perfect version of your brand would look like and if you'd be happy with it.


This japanese philosophy helps you find your life's purpose.

Niche Exploration

After you've discovered what you love and can do well, it's time to explore what the space already looks like.

Content Ideation

This exercise helps you come up with great content ideas for your niche. It's time to stand out!

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