Hi, I'm Sarah! 👋

Are you struggling with your stream? Maybe you feel like *something* is wrong, but you just aren't sure what? Well, I'm here to help.

Find out how I can do that by watching this video.

Work with SJ

Are you totally confused about why your content isn't working?

We can work on that.

Just like I've helped hundreds of other streamers make big improvements, get closer to their communities, and grow their streams.

... but how? 👇

It starts with you.

The potential for your stream is 100% dictated by you. You are in full control. This means:

✅ no one else can "take your viewers"

✅ you can make better choices to improve your numbers

✅ you can become a better leader for your community

It takes bravery and effort, but that's what I'm here for.

Let's sit down and talk about what we can do RIGHT NOW to improve your stream.

Work with SJ

Why trust me? 🤔

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a Twitch Partner (25k), content creator, and stream coach inside of Stream Coach Academy. I went viral for my Overwatch cosplays and have a lot of esports experience.

I also stream MMO's and have a passion for community development.

I love helping streamers because I know what it feels like to be totally lost. And I know I can help you find your path.

Work with SJ

Not ready to work with me yet? That's okay! Check me out on Twitch, Twitter, or TikTok.