Learn how to build a streaming career.

With Build Your Dream Stream, you’ll learn how to create live content for Twitch, YouTube, or your favorite livestreaming platform and make money by building a passionate fan base.

Stop streaming to 0 viewers and finally grow a community filled with friends, create a stream people actually care about, and make money doing what you love.

Hi, I'm Ashni :)

Years ago, a friend introduced me to Twitch.tv. I was amazed. So, I decided to jump in and start streaming myself. Easy, right?

Well… I had no idea what I was doing. When I got started, I barely spoke on stream, played an oversaturated game, and through it all, I felt entitled to success. Needless to say, I was terrible.

However, my friends were more generous than I expected, and just started sending me money in stream. So… that’s it. I succeeded and rode into the sunset, right?


I still sucked. I knew something was missing, I mean, I had made enough money to quit my job and go full time. But I never thought about creating a sustainable business, or thought about what this career looked like in the long term. I just knew that the money kept coming. I didn't care why.

But it got worse.

That was until my biggest supporter called me on Skype and said "There will be a lot of people who make it on Twitch, but it will never be you." With that, he pulled his support, and suddenly I couldn't pay my bills anymore.

My dream had been taken away from me. I was depressed and anxious, gained weight, felt sick, felt like I had no direction, and didn’t know what was next in my life.

I was fed up!

So to try and lift my spirits, I went to the gym, where I began to discover podcasts.

Suddenly, my ears were awash in new and exciting information about entrepreneurship, building brands, growing audiences, and how to build a long term career path. It finally made sense! I spent 3 years building the knowledge that I needed to return to Twitch.

We actually did it.

I nervously returned to Twitch on May 23rd 2018. With all education, pain, and lessons behind me, something happened.

I hit 100 subscribers in 4 days, 1000 subscribers in 4 months, and got partnered in just 2 months.

WHAT? I actually made it work!

My community helped me achieve all of this because of the information I've accumulated over 3 years of non-stop research, pain, and experimentation.

I know what it's like to feel frustrated by this dream that seems unattainable. I genuinely care about streamers because I know how it feels to suck and not know why.

I achieved my dream, and that is the information I'm sharing with you in this book. I want you to make your dreams a reality as well.

"Ashni is one of the hardest workers and most business savvy people I have ever met. She works day and night to empower others to succeed in the streaming space while also growing and evolving herself. I’m very grateful for the content she creates. It has helped me stay inspired and keep everything in perspective." -@Spofie, Twitch Partner

Is this you?

Right now, there are streamers who are finding massive success and making tons of money by playing video games. You know who they are... And they make it look so EASY... So you decide to start streaming yourself.

You stream for months and months, but nothing happens. You watch YouTube videos and join Follow 4 Follow communities, but still, no one shows up to watch you. So you stop.

You don’t meet ANY new people or make any money, and the thing you loved - playing video games - is ruined by your frustration. Gone are your dreams of having of thousands of adoring viewers and Geoff Keighley’s personal invitation to the Video Game Awards.

Here’s the truth: streaming is hard. But why does it seem like everyone else is growing, and you aren’t?

With Build Your Dream Stream, I'll guide you through the process I took to finding success in the streaming world.

What's inside?

I spent years learning what how to grow my stream. With this guide, you won’t have to spend years just trying to get started: this book is a combination of the knowledge I used to grow my stream.

I’ll walk you through my journey of growing from a streaming novice, to becoming a full-time Twitch partner with over 200+ average viewers. I use advice and strategy from successful business coaches, habit researchers, branding experts, and more, to curate my best information for streamers, in a single book:

What You'll Learn

How this book will shift your perception of what Twitch really is and can do for you.

The Effort It Takes

How putting in effort will put you ahead and how to gain an edge against other streamers.

Networking Strategies

Why networking is critical, and how to cultivate (not exploit) relationships in this space.

The Consistency Trap

How to build a strong and consistent foundation, a reality check of how to keep content going without burning out.

Building A Brand

How a strong brand will secure you in your niche, the 7 essential components of a brand, and exercises to help you.

Don't Be A Streamer

How to build long-term sustainable growth with a presence on multiple platforms, a guide to content strategy.

Community & Leadership

Why great streams are led by great people, how to set boundaries and manage a community.

Going Pro (The Dream)

How to build a better business model around your content.

Workbook & Audiobook

A bonus workbook filled with 6 exercises I used to find my niche and an audiobook so you can listen instead of read.

"Ashnichrist is like an encyclopedia of streamer knowledge that keeps growing more and more. Her coaching has been very helpful to me, as well as her podcasts and YouTube videos. I'm grateful for her content and advice!" @Crakie, Twitch Partner

Who is this book NOT for?

This book will absolutely not guarantee you success. There is no checklist, course, book, or mentor that can ensure you become the Next Big Thing on your streaming platform. Your success is dictated by you and you are the one who needs to do the work. This book is not a magic pill, it is simply a guide.

However, if you're ready to work hard, pursue your dreams, and find your purpose, there is a path forward for you. I've invested years into accumulating the information. Thousands of people have gotten results. You can too.

The ebook comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for any reason, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you. No questions asked.

I can't wait to hear your success story, so be sure to keep me posted and tell me how you're doing on Twitter, in stream, or my Discord.

Never hesitate to reach out with any questions.

I'm here for you every step of the way.