10 Tips for Twitch Beginner's in 2021

Getting started on Twitch feels overwhelming. Growing feels impossible. How do you even know where to begin?

Take a breath, friend.

Streaming on Twitch is a journey. It takes time to become the creator you are imagining, but you can get there with a little bit of focus and strategy. Here are the top 10 things you need to pay attention to right now.

1. Have a good microphone

People will watch even if you don’t have the best camera, but they will leave if your microphone sounds bad. 

Our favorite beginner mic is the Elgato Wave 3. The Wave was made specifically for streamers and comes with incredible software called Wavelink. The Wavelink app is clean and easy to navigate - perfect for newer streamers who don’t want to bother with confusing tech.

2. Get familiar with your broadcasting software

There are a lot of choices when it comes to broadcasting software and each has their own pro’s and con’s. We’ve tried them all.

Our favorite way to broadcast our Twitch streams is with OBS Studio. OBS Studio won’t impact your CPU usage as much as other programs. It also has a lot of room for you to learn new tricks over time.

3. Don’t be scared to be yourself

When you first start streaming, it’s normal for it to feel a little weird. You might think that strangers seeing your face is weird. You could feel you’re being judged. Twitch streamers also have to deal with ‘trolls’ aka mean people on the internet.

Streaming can be intimidating at first, but don’t be afraid to open up. You will meet a lot of new friends by simply being yourself. The faster you can be truly you, the faster you will inspire others and your community will begin to grow.

4. Find your niche asap

We don’t believe you can’t stream saturated games or you have to stream games no one else is playing. These common ideas are a misconception.

You don’t have to stream any type of game, but you do need to choose a niche for your content. Having a niche will help you attract the right people to your stream. It will also make your viewers come back over and over because they can rely on getting the content they love.

Do you want to be a personality streamer? What kind of personality do you want to showcase? Are you a pro gamer? Maybe you’re a community streamer? Choose something and stick with it.

5. Multistream before accepting Twitch Affiliate

‘Multistreaming’ is using a software to broadcast your stream to multiple platforms - like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook - at the same time. Multistreaming helps you try out any streaming site you want without having to go live on them individually.

If you haven’t signed a contract with Twitch yet, we recommend using Restream.io to multistream. If you have signed a contract you are still allowed to stream on other websites, but not at the same time as Twitch.

Try out other platforms to see which you enjoy the most. You might be surprised.

6. Consider starting a YouTube channel

YouTube has figured out something Twitch hasn’t: discoverability. With over 9 million streamers, it’s difficult for new or smaller broadcasters to be discovered purely from Twitch. If you want your stream to be found, try using YouTube.

Many streamers have created successful YouTube channels that they used to grow their Twitch streams. Some people have even gotten partnered!

7. Decide on your graphics

Graphics won’t make or break your channel. Plenty of streamers don’t even use them, but they do help you look more professional. Plus it's kind of fun to see your name on your own logo!

Our favorite resource for graphics is Own3d. Own3d.tv has thousands of stream design packages and Own3d.pro is an OBS Studio plugin that helps you integrate your designs in one click.

8. Set a reliable schedule

Your stream is like your own TV show. If you go live at random times, people are less likely to catch you. Setting a weekly schedule helps your audience remember to come back and hang out.

We recommend starting with 3 days a week, 3 hours per stream. It doesn’t matter what days or times you choose because there is always an audience on Twitch, so set a schedule that works for your life. The most important part is sticking to it.

9. Get to know the people around you

Twitch is a community. If you want to grow your stream, you have to get to know the people around you. 

Most people join Twitch because they are lonely and want to make friends, so don’t be shy. Say hi! The people you meet now might be your best friends soon.

10. Don’t give up

Streaming is not hard but it does take a long time to grow. The truth is, you will probably stream for a long time before anyone notices you.

Check out our free Discord, podcast, and YouTube to continue learning more. Don’t give up on what you love just because you don’t see immediate results. 

Last Thoughts

Don’t forget: streaming is a journey. You probably won’t be great in the beginning, but it’s not impossible to grow a stream or become a great streamer.

Dedicate yourself to broadcasting, give it time, and learn as much as you can. Our team is here to help if you need it.

Good luck!

- Stream Coach Staff