Build A Stream Your Viewers Will Love.

In Stream Coach Academy, we'll work with you to create fun livestreams, a community you vibe with, and money doing what you love: creating content.

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Join 300+ streamers learning proven strategies that other industries have known for years.

We know streaming is really hard.

Even after months of “grinding”, you still feel like you’re not growing your audience.

It feels lonely.

And yet, every day there’s a new streamer hitting “live” and having a GREAT TIME while still making an impact. They seem to know the people to talk to, the brand to build, and the strategies to grow.

“How… how did they do it?”

But for some reason, YOU haven’t found that “spark” yet. You hit live and you can’t even get your friends to chat in your stream. What gives?

Here's the truth...

Here’s the truth: streaming is hard. There are so many hidden pieces that need to be in place to create an incredible piece of content. But how do other people make this look so easy?

The “next step” up feels like stepping into darkness.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been on this journey for a while, the path forward is never clear. Our job is to help light the way, while providing the clarity and accountability you’ll need to build your own definition of success.

With Stream Coach Academy, we will guide you through the process we took to find success in the streaming world.

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Soo.. What's Inside?

Pre-Course Module

Everything you can expect from our 6 weeks together and an introduction to our coaching team.

Week 1: Audience

We'll help you find a niche that will put you ahead of millions of other streamers.

Week 2: Branding

You'll learn to build and share your story in a way that connects with your audience. We'll add depth to your brand.

Week 3: Content

We'll help you create content that delivers maximum value to your perfect viewer.

Week 4: Reflection

You'll learn a lot in the first 3 weeks with us, so week 4 will be a moment to reflect on the direction you've chosen.

Week 5: Community

We'll teach you community strategies you haven't heard anywhere else to connect with your community better than ever.

Week 6: Business

You'll learn how to build a monetization strategy that will keep you stable and allow you to create even more content.

Additional Resources

Homework parties, 1:1 coaching, weekend meetings, alumni mixers, and a supportive community are all included with SCA.

Bonus Courses

For a limited time, also get free bonus access to our YouTube and Twitter courses so you can diversify smarter.

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What Students Are Saying:

I grew from 10 to 57 viewers!

"The proof is in the numbers, but SCA is so much more! It taught me viewership growth, marketing, and more. I love the community and the coaches are incredible."

SCA helped me find my niche.

"I wasn't sure if SCA would be different from Ashni's videos or podcasts, but I was totally wrong. There is so much more value than I expected!"

I knew I needed a mentor.

"I was a naive, brand new streamer totally lost in content creation. SCA helped me understand what it really takes to grow my stream and now I'm so confident."

I love the SCA community!

"I really appreciate that SCA is a living community that will grow over time. I love the variety of voices that gave me feedback and helped me along the way."

I have hope for the future.

"I finally learned what direction I wanted to take my content in! I also now understand how to make it a viable business so I can finally make money doing what I love."

I feel part of something bigger.

"SCA is nothing less than phenomenal! I have loved every single second of it. I learned who I really am as a creator and I feel like I always have a community to give me critical feedback for my future."

Do yourself a favor. Join SCA.

"If you are thinking about joining SCA, my goodness. You learn everything you need to learn. I highly recommend it to every streamer I know!"

I finally believe in my content.

"I saw my friend grow massively after joining SCA and I knew I had to try it too. I wanted the direction and excitement he had and I got it!"

Who is this program NOT for?

This program will absolutely not guarantee you success. There is no checklist, course, book, or mentor that can ensure you become the Next Big Thing on your streaming platform. Your success is dictated by you and you are the one who needs to do the work. This program is not a magic pill, it is simply a guide.

However, if you're ready to work hard, pursue your dreams, and find your purpose, there is a path forward for you. We've invested years into accumulating the information. Thousands of people have gotten results. You can too.

The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for any reason after you've completed the work, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you. No questions asked.

Buy Now - $97