Stream Coach wants to help you go live & thrive.

Stream Coach is an educational resource for streamers. We provide the streaming community with free podcasts and YouTube videos as well as coaching services, ebooks, and courses.

We've been running our coaching program Stream Coach Academy since 2020. Our community proudly serves tens of thousands of streamers every single day.

But we didn't always have this much impact...

The Early Success

Our founder Ashnichrist started streaming on Twitch in 2013. She was terrible at it. She barely spoke on stream, played an oversaturated game, and felt entitled to success.

But her friends were more generous than she expected and started sending her money for streaming. With their help, she was able to become a full-time streamer in 2015. But she knew something was missing.

Even with a blank check and endless time for the craft, Ashni couldn't attract an audience. She spent thousands of hours trying to make it work but never thought about creating a sustainable business or what her career looked like in the long-term.

Losing it all...

Ashni brought all of this up to her biggest supporter and he said "There will be a lot of people who make it on Twitch, but it will never be you." With that, he pulled his support and Ashni had to go back to a 9 to 5 job.

She was crushed that her dream had been taken away from her. She was depressed, gained weight, and felt like she would never amount to anything.

She was fed up.

Finally learning what it takes.

One day in 2015, she went to the gym and began to discover podcasts. Suddenly she was learning new and exciting information about entrepreneurship, building brands, and growing businesses.

Ashni immersed herself in books, videos, podcasts, and more to get herself back in streaming shape. She spent 3 years building the knowledge she needed to return to Twitch.

She nervously returned on May 23rd 2018. With all the education, pain, and lessons behind her, something happened.

The sustainable success.

She hit 100 subscribers in 4 days, 1000 subscribers in 4 months, and got partnered in just 2 months. She maintained 250+ average viewers and quickly grew her following and community - the Yam Fam.

Her community helped her achieve all of this because of the information she had begun to share with them. Her early experiences with trying and failing as a streamer made her develop a strong emotional bond with aspiring creators.

Ashni went from a streaming failure to a streaming expert, but she didn't stop there.

Building a business.

In February 2018, Ashni started coaching streamers in group settings and private meetings. With previous leadership experience from her 9 to 5 career, she quickly learned how to coach aspiring streamers to do what she had done: build a brand, share a story, and grow their communities.

In March 2019, Ashni launched her first digital product: the Build Your Dream Stream ebook. Her team spent 6 months building the most popular streaming advice handbook in the industry.

But she was still the only coach helping streamers and the requests were coming in too fast.

The Stream Coach Team

In December 2019, Ashni publicly announced that she was hiring coaches to help her handle the large amount of requests for her time. After a short hiring process, the Stream Coach team was born.

Since inception, we've developed the first stream coaching program to exist and succeed. Stream Coach Academy is the streaming bootcamp we wish existed when we were confused and struggling.

We've also built a thriving community, YouTube and Twitter courses for streamers, and have started offering stream coaching publicly.

Our Ultimate Vision

We want to help streamers become the content creators they dream of being. Not only do we want to educate, we want to help streamers get paid too.

We want to bring entrepreneurship and coaching to the industry and provide another monetization option to free up streamers time so they can continue doing what they do best: streaming.

We are building the future of the industry: a coaching platform where struggling streamers can hire branding, marketing, and more experts to help them.

We'd be honored if you joined us.