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An experienced team

Our team has 30+ years of combined coaching experience, 30+ years of streaming experience, millions of minutes watched, and the business acumen you need.

We'll teach you everything you need to know.

Hardware and Software

What gear do you need to unlock your potential?

Audience Development

How can you resonate with people and build community between them?

Next Level Branding

How do you create a brand that's deeper than graphics?

Creating Valuable Content

How do you create videos, streams, and posts that make people care?

Leadership and Delegation

How can you inspire your team and organize your work?

Business Models

How do you make money ethically and keep everything running?

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We believe education has the most impact when you receive focused guidance directly from your mentors. The exclusive environment of Stream Coach Academy and 1:1 coaching allows our coaching staff to give you our complete attention.

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Coaching and Education Platform for Streamers

Stream Coach started as one woman meeting 1on1 with streamers. After 3 years of solo coaching, she hired a team to handle the growing list of students asking for help.

Since our team was founded in 2020, we have expanded to 8 staff, 11,000+ members, and over 300 students. We are grateful every day we get to serve the streaming industry.